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Roof Replacement Gallatin Tn Shingle Master Installer

Roof Replacement Gallatin Tn Roof Replacement

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Who We Are

As a result of working in general contracting, owner Jeff Christian witnessed countless people being taken advantage of by unqualified, substandard roofing companies.In order to fill that void ,he established The Roof Store.


When you call The Roof Store you will be greeted by our general manager, James Webb, or his office assistant. We will assist you by answering any questions that you may have. Though many questions will require an inspection before we can give a satisfactory answer. We can also give you a list of services that we provide, give general timelines of when we could install your roof, and can schedule a sales appointment for you.

At The Roof Store we have crews that are capable and professional.We can install any type of roof that meets local codes.We are certified by major material manufacturers for the installation of residential and commercial roofing materials.On our tear off and replacement jobs we bring a dump trailer todo away with the need for dropping a dumpster at your home.

The Roof Store has several options for you when it comes to choosing your roof materials. We have material brochures that have pictures of each product, we have pictures of jobs that we have completed, and we have physical samples of the products that we install.

We at The Roof Store offer emergency tarping services in middle Tennessee. Our normal turnaround time on those calls is roughly 6 hours. In these cases we can help our customers with getting their insurance claim filed, and will show up to meet the insurance adjuster when he arrives to inspect your roof. Many factors go into whether a roof should be replaced or repaired by an insurance company, and it’s a good idea to have a roofing professional on the roof with the insurance representative to help with this process.

Most residential roofing projects can be installed within 2 weeks of signing a contract.after covid there are a few material colors that are still in limited supply due to allocation by the manufacturers, but we are able to draw from several different suppliers to help speed up the process.Most residential projects can be completed in a day or two.

One of the primary functions of our roofing company is to install new roofs on various types of buildings. This involves selecting the right roofing materials, such as shingles, tiles, metal, or flat roofing, based on the client’s preferences and the building’s requirements.Below I will list some of the functions that we execute.

Roof Repair:

Roofing companies are often called upon to repair damaged roofs caused by weather conditions, wear and tear, or accidents. Repair services may include patching leaks, replacing damaged shingles or tiles, and fixing structural issues.

Roof Replacement:

Over time, roofs deteriorate and need to be replaced. Roofing companies provide expertise in removing the old roof and replacing it with a new, more durable one. This can significantly enhance a building’s energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Roof Inspection:

Regular roof inspections are essential to identify potential issues early on. Roofing companies conduct thorough inspections to assess the condition of the roof and recommend necessary maintenance or repairs.

Maintenance Services:

Our company offers preventive maintenance services to extend the lifespan of roofing systems. This includes cleaning gutters, removing debris, sealing seams, and checking for signs of damage.

Roofing Material Selection:

Our roofing professionals assist clients in choosing the right materials for their roofs. They consider factors like climate, building design, budget, and aesthetic preferences to make informed recommendations.


Ensuring that a roof is waterproof is crucial for protecting the building’s interior. Our roofing companies apply waterproofing techniques to prevent leaks and water damage.

Ventilation Systems:

Adequate roof ventilation is vital to prevent moisture buildup and maintain indoor air quality. Our roofing company designs and installs ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow.

Emergency Repairs:

Roofing emergencies, such as storm damage or sudden leaks, require immediate attention. The Roof Store offers repair services to address these urgent situations.

Insurance Claims Assistance:

When a roof is damaged due to natural disasters or accidents, The Roof Store can help clients navigate the insurance claims process. They provide documentation and estimates to facilitate smooth claims settlement.

Safety Compliance:

The Roof Store prioritizes safety by adhering to industry standards and regulations. We ensure that our workers are trained and equipped to perform roofing tasks safely.

Consultation and Planning:

The Roof Store consults with clients to create roofing plans that align with their goals and budget. This includes discussing design options, material choices, and project timelines.

Warranty and Guarantees:

The Roof Store offers warranties and guarantees on their workmanship and materials, providing clients with peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Customer Education:

The Roof Store can educate clients about proper roof maintenance and care to prolong the life of their roofing systems. This includes tips on regular inspections and cleaning.

Custom Solutions:

At The Roof Store we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client and project. We adapt to different architectural styles and client preferences.


 We at The Roof Store service all of middle Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky. We offer our services in Robertson, Cheatham, Davidson, Sumner, Wilson, Smith, Dekalb, Putnam, Jackson, Clay, Williamson, Macon Counties, and we do make some exceptions to travel outside of this area.

Our General manager, James Webb spent 25 years as a home builder and brings a lot of construction knowledge to the table when there are questions to be answered.

We also service building contractors, so the knowledge of 25 years in home building helps to make our company unique in the new construction industry due to the fact that we know exactly what the contractor needs, and that we understand their schedules, processes , and needs. We understand that the job of a general contractor is complicated enough without the headache of dealing with unprofessional subs,so we tailor our services to them to fit their needs.Once we work for a contractor, we don’t lose them.

Whether you are a contractor with 200 houses to build this year, or you are a homeowner that hasn’t had your roof inspected in a few years, give us a call. We will be happy to assist with any questions that you may have.