Jeff Christian started The Roof Store in order to bring quality roofs to customers that would otherwise be sold a substandard product. After many years of witnessing the need for an honest, local roofing company he decided to form one.

At The Roof Store we offer residential and commercial roofing materials and labor, siding of all types, soffit, fascia, and gutters.
The Roof Store was created and began operating in 2019 to serve all of middle tennessee. We have completed jobs from Dickon to Crossville, and from Bowling Green KY. to Petersburg TN.
Our office is Located in Gallatin, TN.

At The Roof Store we are passionate about finishing your job on time and on budget. Most residential jobs can be completed in one day,and unless there are unforeseen problems with the decking under your roof there is never a reason why your original contract price should change.

Our reputation is built upon the fact that we do what we say we will do, and give our customers the product that we promise on the front end.


Jeff Christian was born in 1964 the first of two sons to Hubert and Peggy Christian. He is theGrandson of two sharecroppers. A fact that shaped his work ethic as a young boy working summers in the tobacco patch with his maternal Grandfather. In the 1970’s Jeff’s Dad had worked his way out of the tobacco patch and started his role as a Plant Supervisor for ImperialFabricating in Portland, TN.

In 1974 Hubert was offered the position of Plant Supervisor in Broken Arrow, OK, just outsideTulsa. So, at the age of ten Jeff and the family moved to Oklahoma where he would continue school and in 1982 graduated from Broken Arrow High School. Jeff accepted an academic scholarship and attended Tulsa Junior College until his Sophomore year when he decided that a college education wasn’t for him. By this time Jeff’s dad had entered the retail automobile business and like a lot of sons, Jeff wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

From 1984 to 1999 Jeff excelled in the retail industry earning multiple accommodations and awards for his outstanding performance and customer service. Jeff climbed the ranks at one of the most well-known auto dealerships in Oklahoma. Eventually he would take the helm of YatesAuto Mall, a small dealership in Tahlequah, OK. The intent was to learn the operations of a small-town dealership then purchased one of his own.

In 1998 Jeff had saved enough money to attempt to purchase his own auto dealership, but Godhad other plans when Jeff met a customer who was well established in the Post Frame (PoleBarn) industry. After several months of soul-searching and with his wife’s blessing, Jeffpurchased a franchise in National Barn Company and consequently headquartered it in none other than Portland, TN. That was in early 1999. By 2006 National Barn Company had become the fourth largest barn builder by net volume in the U.S. During this time Jeff partnered with his Dad and started a Mini Storage Manufacturing business.

In 2006 and 2007 Jeff sold his interest in the National Barn Company and pursued a career in the building supply industry in White House, TN. He opened White House Home Center inFebruary of 2007 just as the housing boom began to bust. As building came to a dead halt and banks clamped down on capital the building supply business suffered. With a customer base that was 90% contractors who could no longer afford to pay for building materials, White House Home Center was doomed. The result of very poor timing on Jeff’s part. Although he managed to stay open until 2010, the die had been cast, so, in 2011 Jeff went back into contracting. For a few years Jeff built homes and garages and whatever else was available. The economy and building eventually recovered and in 2014 Jeff’s middle son Austin decided to leave college in his Junior year. Austin informed his dad that he wanted to be in the barn building business and wanted his dad to help him do it.

In 2015 Austin and Jeff formed Three Boys Consulting, LLC and began to build a business from scratch under the name of The Barn Store. In 2019, building on their many successes and an outstanding reputation.

Austin and Jeff and oldest son Michael created The Roof Store.
The Roof Store would focus on residential and commercial roofing in the middle TN region. As The Roof Store continues to grow and The Barn Store cements its position in the barn industry, Jeff continues to enjoy his business successes.

Jeff has been married to his lovely wife Sissy for 38 years. He has three sons, Michael, Austin and Dalton. All of whom have enjoyed successful careers in their respective fields. He has three wonderful daughters-in-law and 5 awesome grandsons. No granddaughters yet but he and Sissy are counting on Dalton.

Jeff knows he and his family have been blessed greatly by the Lord and he takes his faith very seriously. He is a missionary to Honduras and Jamaica and a board member at MiddleTennessee Missions Outreach.

Currently Jeff is looking forward to the last years of his career and building upon the success of The Roof Store and The Barn Store. He holds multiple patents and is working on a new project in manufacturing. Although his staff handles day to day operations of the businesses, Jeff is always available to speak with and help any customers. He is incredibly grateful to all the customers that have placed their trust in The Roof Store and The Barn Store.

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